Products for combing for men:

If you want to go beyond a clean and conditioned hair to achieve a specific look or control your unruly hair, there is a large selection of products for male hair. Today’s options will not make you look or feel that your hair is a stiff helmet, so you can use a small amount of some product without anyone noticing.

But the options can be overwhelming: waxes and ointments, pastes and fixatives.

 Here are the different options to stylize male hair:

• Wax. The wax is thick, which is good if you want to shape the hair. “It is perfect for a messy look, as if it had just been lifted.” “Add control without the wet and stiff texture of the gel.” It is too heavy for thin, straight or long hair. And you should wash your head thoroughly to remove it. Pastes and fixatives are usually variations of the wax.

• Ointment. The ointment is what gave the young people of yesteryear that gummed and wet look. It is dense like wax but more creamy and easy to spread. “It controls unruly hair and makes it softer.” It also makes your hair look more lustrous and wet than with wax.

• Serum. These liquids or sprays are perfect if you have dry and frizzy hair. They are not really to shape the hair. Rather, they give it a bit of shine and silkiness.

• Cream. Creams provide luster and control without stiff hair. They are particularly good for thick hair.

In addition, there are many other options that when dry tend to get hard, such as gel and mousse. Keep in mind that these are not rigid categories; Many products match others. You should really try several different ones to find what works for you.

Tips on styling products:

• Do not use too much. Start with a little and then add more if you need it. “Rub the product between the palms of your hands to heat it.” If not, it will cost you to distribute it evenly.

• Put it in your hair carefully. Use your fingers as a rake. Take the time to make sure to spread it well. Men have the tendency to throw products in lumps, so it accumulates in points and is obvious.

• Do not be intimidated. Have fun with this. Buy a couple of different products and see what suits you. “Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair products,” “It’s just a product that disappears when washing.”

Using a product can take a few more minutes to get ready in the morning, but it is worth it. Your co-workers and your partner will notice the difference, and so will you.

“If it looks good, it will feel good.” “It’s great to feel safe.”

My hair is straight and straightens immediately after combing it. How do I create a lasting volume?

To create more volume, recommend Matte Clay. First spread the product on the hands, then gently apply it with your fingers in the middle and outer areas of the hair with an upward movement towards the ends. Do not spread an excessive amount or apply it to the roots. Twist the hair in strands on both sides of the head focusing on the tips. Repeat this action at the birth of the hair on the neck and near the face. If the hair is crushed, repeat this action by squeezing it.

My hair is thin and soft and I can’t create movement or get it to stay up. Should I use some more wax?

Even if your hair is too soft and thin to create movement, it is always better to start with a small amount of wax. Applying all the wax at once can make the hair immediately look caked and crushed. Apply the wax several times and in small quantities, as needed. Also, when applying the wax try to adhere it firmly to the hair. In the case of having a soft and fine hair it is recommended to finish the hairstyle with a little hairspray to prevent it from crushing.

When applying the wax, should the hair be dry or slightly damp?

To create the desired style, it is better not to apply the wax on damp hair. Instead, you should dry your hair while giving it the desired look to create the basis of your style. When the hair is completely dry you can apply the wax. Depending on the texture and length, applying the wax on damp hair can cause the contour, shape and flow of the hair to change as it dries. Also, if the roots are wet, the volume may be lost. Therefore, it is recommended to use the wax after completely drying the hair.

Accidental Eye Contact

If the product enters the eyes, DO NOT FROT. Rinse immediately with clean, warm water. Avoid rinsing them with running water that has excessive force, as it could damage your eyes. If you have pain or the sensation of dust particles in your eyes, seek urgent medical attention from an ophthalmologist.

Accidental Ingestion

In case of accidental ingestion or if the product accidentally penetrates the mouth:
The raw materials used in these cosmetics are very safe. However, if you swallow the product by accident, we recommend that you seek the advice of a doctor.

If you have any product left in your mouth, spit it out. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting. If you are concerned, consult a doctor and take the cosmetic in question with you.

The following situations are considered very dangerous. In these cases, seek medical attention immediately.

1. If you have ingested a large amount.
2. If, after ingesting it, you are disoriented or feel weird.

Can I become allergic to the cosmetics that I have been using so far?

Even if nothing has ever happened to the cosmetic products you have been using so far, you may experience a sudden allergic reaction. Although the vast majority of people will never have such an experience, some people with allergy susceptibility may experience inflammation, skin irritation or swelling. After repeated contact with a specific area of ​​the skin, substances such as cosmetics and metals can generate antibodies and, over time, cause contact dermatitis. Allergic reactions are rare, but usually have a sudden onset. After such a reaction, the irritant allergy can last for life. If you ever have any symptoms while using a cosmetic, you should stop using it immediately, even if it is a product for sensitive skin. Consult a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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