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Capone´s Hair Brush No. 1

Is round with a black ball-shaped tip and is the ultimate tool to give texture and volume. Capone´s Men´s Products tools are specially designed to professionally help you perform at the highest level.

Capone´s Hair Brush No. 2

Is medium width, it is a brush that has holes or grooves, which allow the air to pass faster and dry the hair sooner. Capone´s Hair Brush No. 2 is a useful resource for those people and professionals who want to do a quick dry, it is ideal for those who do not want to obtain shine or texture in its finish.

Capone´s Hair Brush No. 3

Is a flat brush with pointed teeth in the shape of a black ball. Its function is to give body and texture to the hair. It is ideal to use it to shape the hair in a hairstyle and, above all, to detach the root of the scalp. The latter is very important to improve circulation in the area and revitalize the hair structure. The main recommendation is to use it with dry hair as it helps keep hair alive.

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